The Night My Life Changed

April 3, 2008
By Alyssa Hopsicker, Guilderland, NY

I was walking around the mall with Christine, Ava and Kristen. We were shopping at our favorite stores. We just ate pizza at Sabaro’s and we were having a great time. Christine called her Mom to see if we could sleepover at her house and her parents didn’t care. I thought it would be fun to spend the night with Christine, Ava and Kristen but some surprises shocked me that night when I slept over at her house. Some things I never thought I would have to worry about with them but sure enough it happened……. the night my life had changed.
When we got to her house we first played truth or dare. It was my turn to go and I chose truth. They asked me if I would ever go out with a guy named Ben or this weird guy Henry. I said Ben and they said they would pick that person too. It was Christine’s turn to pick truth or dare and she chose dare. Ava and Kristen came up with a dare to sneak into the refrigerator when her parents were asleep and get a beer to drink.
I thought Christine was a smart girl and that she would never drink or accept that dare. You never know what your friends will do to get popular. Kristen and Ava couldn’t wait until Christine’s parents went to sleep so they could get a beer. They were almost getting drunk just thinking about it.
It was 12am and her parents went to bed. I was in total confusion when Christine said “Come on let’s go get drunk.” I was trying to come up with reasons for them not to drink. “Where are you going to hide the beer bottle so your parents won’t find it and you won’t get in trouble?” I didn’t want them calling me names but I was going to stay true to myself no matter what. Ava and Kristen said “We can go hide it in the backyard and throw out the cap underneath the real garbage.” I climbed up the steep stairs along with them hoping that they were going to chicken out. They went straight to the refrigerator and figured out what kind of beer they wanted to drink while we played this game called SIPS.
About 10 minutes later they found a beer that they wanted to drink. I asked Christine if I could grab water so I could play the game but not drink the beer. She said “That’s fine but you’re missing out on all the fun!!” They decided on a beer that was in a brown bottle. There were at least 5 in the fridge which was their plan because if Christine’s parents found out she would be grounded for life. As we walked back down the creaky stairs, we heard a noise from upstairs and everyone started to panic. We scrambled downstairs and hid the beer in the doll house where her parents would least likely look if they thought that we were doing something wrong. We got settled downstairs in the cold basement with a bag of crunchy chips, a beer to share and we were ready to play the game SIPS.
The object of the game SIPS is to say something that you have never done in your life that you think other people have. You take a drink if you have done what the person says. They popped open the bottle of beer and the game began. I hated to be there at this moment because they were trying to peer pressure me into drinking. I wanted to call my Mom to come and pick me up. I was afraid that if I left they would talk bad about me and call me names. I felt very uncomfortable. Christine was supposed to be my friend. Why was she doing this to me?
We kept going around in a circle until the beer was gone. I kept sipping my non- alcoholic drink and not getting drunk when it was my turn. It looked like Christine had played this before. She was taking large gulps and swigging the beer down. Kristen didn’t like the beer so she took really small sips and Ava didn’t look like she liked it either.
The beer was GONE but they wanted a different kind now. We went back upstairs to get them another beer. There weren’t that many choices left because most of the brands of beer had only one left. They decided to pick Mikes Hard Lemonade raspberry instead. I have heard about this before but never thought it was an alcoholic drink.
When they opened the hard lemonade it smelled so good. They started chugging the lemonade because they said it tasted really good. Once again I drank plain old water but at least it wasn’t alcohol. We barely continued the game because everyone was now laughing and being all goofy because they were getting really drunk. Christine was laughing hysterically and Kristen and Ava kept calling Harry and Ava kept saying that he should come over. They kept saying no one can know about this and they especially told me. I thought this was kind of rude because they thought I would tell some other people at school.
The lemonade and beer were all gone and it was time to go into the frigid air and hide the empty bottles. I didn’t want to go outside so Christine and Ava went. I don’t know where they hid the bottles but I hope they hid them so Christine’s parents do not find out. I kept thinking “Would I get in trouble?” I never drank one sip of beer or lemonade.
It was getting late and they were drunk. They were laughing like crazy and could not stop. They were calling Harry all night and he was like stop calling me and then he shut off his phone which was very smart. I was getting really tired but I was trying to stay up. It was about 3 am and I decided to go to bed. They were still wide awake except Kristen who just fell asleep about an hour before. I closed my eyes and immediately I fell asleep. I had no idea what they were talking about.
I woke up around 11 am on Sunday. My dad kept calling my cell phone so when I turned it on I had so many messages. I had to get ready really fast because my grandparents were coming over. Right before I left, Christine said that she felt really sick last night. I knew they were going to call me names the next day at school because that night I realized that they weren’t my true friends. If they were my true friends they would not have tried to pressure me into drinking. I have never felt so betrayed before and after that night my life would never be the same. I know I made the right decision not to drink but I feel sad that I have lost friends over it.

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