The City is Where my Heart Resides

April 2, 2008
By Sammi Misuraca, Elizabethtown, KY

New York City, there is nowhere in the world quite like it; and you know, you never realize exactly how much you’re going to miss the city air until it’s gone.

I’m pretty sure I’m never going to adapt to Kentucky. I’ve been here six long years now and I still can’t wait to leave. I’m just hoping that there will be a spark, some kind of spark of an exciting moment, maybe an epiphany, or just a change of heart but I doubt this state holds that for me. This state is not where my life is going to happen.

My first trip to Kentucky made me feel like I was going to love it. The warm summer breeze and the way the sun never seemed to die down. Comparing that to an apartment next to a subway station, Kentucky seemed like heaven, I guess I thought I’d be living the way I wanted.

The fifteen hour car ride with my step-siblings, step-mother, and a cat could basically predict the future to come: loud, crowded, and aggravating. To go from being an only child to more siblings than anyone ever needs, it’s one of the trials I’ve had to face settling here.
And you would never think that going from state to state would really make that much of a difference, but the culture shock still gets me. There’s not much to call diversity here, and nothing that even comes close to anything I’m used to. It’s nothing like the complete diversity of Brooklyn. What especially gets to me though is that my family has to buy Italian foods in the “ethnic” section, along with the Mexican and Chinese food. To be honest, the only thing keeping me chained to this state is the friends I’ve made. If there is anything I have to say about this state it’s that you will never make friends that are as close to you as the people here are, but other than that, I’d be out of here. I really would trade anything to be back in that apartment on West Seventh Street in Brooklyn, right across from the subway station, with the loud noise and the street lights, and even the smell. The city is where my heart resides, and I can’t wait to go back.
This state holds nothing for me, this is not where my life is, and this is not where I’m going to let my life begin.

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