The Day a Grammy-Winning Superstar Came to My Job

March 31, 2008
By Kadeem Lundy, Brooklyn, NY

It was a day in August.From the moment I woke up I knew that it was not going to be like any other day.I woke up to the sound of thunder,and a flash of lighting outside my window.I turned on the news and they said that there was a tornado in Bay Ridge."Tornadoes in New York City,that's unheard of",that's what I said to myself.So I got dressed,ate breakfast and made my way to work.
Getting to work that day was hectic.Downed trees had landed on train tracks,and made certain trains in the subway system unusable.So I had to get on a crowded city bus,and we i got off the bus I had to run through the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens,and then across the parking lot to get to my job at the Broklyn Museum.
When I finally made my way upstairs I noticed that hardly anyone was their at work.So I just sat in the office and waited with my coworkers who were there for any information about the day's schedule.Then we found out that all our morning tours had been cancelled because the day camps couldn't make it to the museum because of the storm.But at around lunch time that's when everything changed.
I was sitting in the office on my lunch break and one of the interns came in with news that Kanye West was outside by the main entrance doing a photo shoot for a magazine.I was saying to myself,"Wow this can't be true,i gotta check this out."So I grabbed some of my coworkers and we ran into the I loked out the glass windows to the far left,I saw him. it was Kanye West himself standing right outside the museum,in black sunglasses and a red and black jacket,surrounded by camera,cameramen and day camp children.A few moments later he posed for a picture with the day camp children.
Me and my coworkers tried to go outside to meet him,but security told us to stay inside,eventhough we had official museum staff ID's and official museum t-shirts on.I was disappointed, and upset by this.I mean we worked so hard for the museum,and his security wouldn't even let us come outside to meet him.
But then Kanye came into the lobby to take a few photos.He stood in the doorway,and I was standing about ten feet away.So I waved because that was the only thing that I could do,because his security didn't let our staff at the museum meet him.
A few months later I found the magazine that contained the Kanye West photos from the shoot at my job,and I took a deep breath.I had this look on my face that said, "Wow,I was there first hand to witness this,now i know that anything's possible."

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