String Theory

March 30, 2008
The universe was created as a teapot called Calabi-Yau. Calabi-Yau is filled with writhing snakes, or branes, and is larger than we can possibly imagine. Each brane is a universe and the way it functions is similar, the same as, in fact, to a membrane, which is its name-sake. These branes are wet with the blood of others, for they are in perpetual conflict with each other for the limited space in the Calabi-Yau. As the gore, blood, and veins pile upon each brane, the gray skin of a brane becomes illuminated and he finds himself advertising his vulnerability. Then, at the peak of the brane’s gluttony, a tremendous collision kills the brane, as a stake to wood, the brane splinters, his parts flying off through space and away.
Imagine this teapot of doom flying through space, gazillions of little snakes squirming at breakneck speeds, feeding on their own bloody remains. That’s an image right? Not a trip I’d like to take, though. Yet it’s one that reverberates throughout the states of being in the tea pot. From the most basic strings of matter and the miniscule particles they form, to the vast space contained inside Calabi-Yau, there is expansion and multiplication leading to competition for limited space and resources.
As interesting as the correlation between molecular and cosmic concept is, other aspects of string theory offer greater revelations. Namely, that there are in fact nine dimensions in the entirety of Calabi-Yau space. String theory has answered the question of why we only can observe three dimensions, and how matter came to be found in our universe.
In all creation theories, there is an “original position” where everything started. In the well-known “big bang” theory, this would be the clump of hydrogen that exploded and rapidly expanded into the first twenty or thirty elements. As the clouds formed by the explosions imploded, heavier elements were created.
String theory also has an original position, the teapot was new and fresh, the branes were motionless and each contained nine dimensions. Who knows what started the slow, imperceptible heating of the teapot? For the information we have, it might as well have been a cosmic tea party. But something triggered a great infusion of scalar energy into the teapot, which caused the snakes to move, writhe, and even collide.
Before collision, these were not branes at all, but empty nine-dimensional forms, like an empty canvas. The blood and gore, or the basic strings that make up all matter were transferred into scalar energy (this prevents the dissipation of said matter) and scattered into branes across Calabi-Yau. These remains of devastating collision breathe life into our own brane, and others. What happens to the colliding branes?
No one knows for sure, but researchers have hypothesized that the brane shrinks significantly in size and loses several dimensions. That means that most of the remaining universes have only a few dimensions left. The closest we can get to extra-third dimensional consciousness is when other branes pass very close by; their gravitational forces and tangible forms even may impact our world. Much is unknown about string theory, except that it may be the only creation theory that can be conceivably tested (by measuring cosmic microwave background radiation levels and comparing them with findings at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, near Geneva, that measures subatomic particle physics.)
Special Thanks to Scientific American; Nov. 2007, The Great Cosmic Roller Coaster Ride by Cliff Burgess and Fernando Quevedo for scientific source material.

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