Flying the Only Way I Know How

March 29, 2008
By Samantha Creager, Chandler, AZ

It's been fourteen long trapped weeks and now is the time to bring them out. I kneel down next to my bed, my knees kissing the ice cold wood floor and i see it. A boring brown show box looks back at me as i drag it out from under the bed. A cloud of dust drags along with it tickling my nose. Excited, i open it and there my running shoes were, exactly how i had left them, sleeping is opposite directions. I quietly and gracefully slip them on like glass slippers and double knot them because this is one glass slipper thats not going to slip off. lifting myself up with a jump and a wiggle making sure my foot is pain free and once and for all healed. There i was finally ready to run. I had craved the feeling for running for far too long, i wanted to fly again.

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