I’m Me

March 27, 2008
By Joseph Iredia, Alvin, TX

I’m me, Joseph D., the third child in my family. I have two brothers and one sister, which I will always be close to even when I die. We always play together many sports and also games. We always stay close through the good the bad and even when times get extremely hard. My mom and I are close, although sometimes things become hard it is her that I look up to for better days.
When it comes down to me personally there is many things that I do in my free time. I like to plan goals for my future so I know what I want to achieve. I never liked to make goals until one day I saw that my grades were really low. I knew that goals would be the key to my success.
Not only did I have goals in my academics but also in sports. I like to play many sports, football, basketball, sometimes soccer, and track. I am a very competitive person so when I am in a game I hate to sit on the sideline watching other people play, that’s why I always give one-hundred percent in my practices. I hate to lose but in life everybody has to loss some event, when this happens all it tells me is that I need to practice harder.
Other than outside likings, inside my world I love to listen to hip-hop music. I find it a way to leave my zone and explore the world of music. It, to me, is an easy way to let go of bad emotions. When I’m mad, sad, or maybe I am just feeling as if I want to be alone, I will just pull out the notepad and write. I hate listening to music about money, cars, clothes, and girls; it just doesn’t have meaning to it. When I hear music that talks about life and love, I feel as if I can really relate. These types of rappers are like: DMX, T.I, Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, and Lupe Fiasco.
Books and music can relate in a way, they both can show life situations. My favorite book, it is ironic because I hate to read books but I have a favorite book, is Monster by Walter Dean Myers. When I read this book my eyes opened wide, because this was one of the greatest books that I have seen for some time.
And yet at the end of the day I’m still Joseph D. The third boy born in my family, goal making, sport playing, hip-hop loving, Monster book, Joseph! Whose Joseph, what that’s me!

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