Real or Not Real

March 27, 2008
I can only hope that it was all a dream. Not only just any ordinary dream, but a very esoteric dream. You can go all around and hear many people say, “Monsters are not real, monsters are not real”, but after this dream I have yet to figure out the right answer. Maybe I’m just paranoid over the fact that I think I saw a monster in my old apartment. I was about four years old at this time, this memorable time. I was sleeping on my bed in my room; my room was a small, isolated room, nothing much. I was very inaudible at the time, because I was in a deep sleep, until I saw a crack of light of run through my door to my bed. I began to focus very hard to see, maybe there is something wrong with the door and it just won’t close, but at this time it got worse. The door gradually kept opening, I was trying to focus very closely at the shadow but nothing came to mind as the door kept opening wider and wider. Likewise, not only were things not lucid, but it begun to really scare me. If anything was going to happen that was bad I wasn’t really feeling brawny at the time, and I for sure was not cunning. Because at the time I wasn’t audacious to see what it was I just began to scream louder and louder. My screams were above mediocre screams, it was loud like an angry lion. Something then put its whole body inside my room acting maniacally. It was like mud and dirty grass combined together in one, black and green. When the monster had begun to run towards me everything just went blank, black. I opened my eyes and tried to negate that all this has happened. I kept questioning myself, “Is this real? Why did this happen to me of all people in the world, why me?” Now that I reminisce on all this it makes me laugh, and sometimes if I watch a scary movie if I think back it scares me. I can now only fill my head with good thoughts so that this never haunts me again. Till this very day I still wonder was that a dream or real life? But now I can say, I’m a man things like that don’t scare me anymore, or that’s what I think!.

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