An Act of Kindness

March 27, 2008
By Tommy DiMauro, Darien, CT

Last year while I was skiing something happened that made me realize that there are really many good natured people in the world. It was a very cold icy day at Mount Snow and ice was made everything look like it was covered in a layer of glass including the ski lifts. To the left of me was a mother with her small kid next to her, and then there was a guy on a snowboard who I could tell was definitely not related to the mother and child. The ice stuck onto the seat made the lift very slippery, and I had to hold onto the side of the bar to keep from slipping. Then suddenly the lift stopped and the little girl slipped right under the safety bar. Quickly, the snowboarder next to me stuck his board under the girl, catching her, and slid under the safety bar, grabbed the girl’s coat, and lifted her back up onto the lift. Meanwhile I just stayed there kind of shocked because of what had just happened. I thought about it a bit and thought what if that guy hadn’t risked going under the bar to pull up the girl? If that snowboarder had not done what he did the girl could have been really injured or possibly died. This act of help really shows how good deeds really make a difference.

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