Leaving It Behind

March 27, 2008
By victoria tam, NYC, NY

I grew to love Mark Twain not because of what people say it is but because of what’s inside it. There’s the staff who helps us learn and succeed in life and also my friends who are always there and ready to help me along the way. In my first two years at Mark Twain I met new people and learned new things. However, I never really gave thought to the small things I did everyday such as saying goodbye to my friends or talking to them during lunch and not once did I think about the towering monster that drew closer as time passed.

When I received the long awaited crisp, white envelope it finally hit me. Inside the envelope that I was holding contained my future. Losing my nerve I decided to open the envelope on the school bus. Once I was seated I started to tear the envelope with my trembling hands. A part of me already knew where I was going and the other part of me still hoped that my sixth sense was wrong.

I slowly took out the perfectly whit piece of computer paper. I unfolded it and quickly scanned the letter. “What’d you get into?” my friend Michi asked. “I got into Stuy,” I whispered sadly, blinking back tears. “Oh,” Michi said disappointedly, “I was always afraid that we would get into different schools.” I nodded dumbly. I had gotten into the best high school in NYC. Why wasn’t I jumping like a madman and screaming with joy.

Fresh tears formed in my blurry eyes and fell on my lap. The people who I had spent three long years with, the people that I treasured the most were leaving. Deep down in my heart I had always known that this day would come. Three years might sound like a long time but in life it’s not spending time with my friends time flew by and before we knew it we were the seniors and leaders of our school. The last day of school draws closer with each passing minute. In fifth grade I was never prepared for that day but I promised myself that in eighth grade I would not shed a tear. At this very day I know that it’s a promise I can’t keep. Jessica’s craziness, Jane’s humor, Joanne’s carefree and happy way, all the people that I know, and all the memories and friendship that we shared together will be with me forever.

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