Playworld Dangers

March 27, 2008
“Mommy watch me.” I yell as I dive in to the pool of balls. Playworld is where we ended up. The rain came down hard and my mom and her friend decided that we would go to Playworld for a night of fun instead of sitting home for yet another boring, bland night. I explode from the what seemed like a nearly endless sea of the yellow and red balls in which I hide. Glancing up I noticed the one obstacle that I had yet to master, the rings. I scurry to the top and grasp the first ring with an iron grip. With white knuckles I swing form the first to the second, to the third. Midway to the end my strength fails me and I plummet downward. Meanwhile, my naïve brother sits clueless in ball pit directly beneath me. We collide and my chin is jammed upon Sam’s helpless head. Blood-curdling screams fill the peaceful air. This rainy night ends in 3staples to the victim’s head and nothing but a headache for the weaker of the two.

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