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March 20, 2008
By Belizabeth SILVER, Jamestown, Tennessee
Belizabeth SILVER, Jamestown, Tennessee
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We always talked and sat side by side or across from each other. It started my first home school group and we kept our conversations up until awhile back but still I think about them, or as a matter of fact him. He was or is a foot shorter than me and a year older than me. We met on a play day and we just started talking because we were bored and I think he noticed I was lonely. He was nice and I thought of him as kind of cute at the time. We just were and are friends but every body thought we were going out. The whole reason for that is we only talked to each other and rarely to any one else. I learned after awhile he is shy. So him even talking to me was a miracle in my book. He was fourteen at the time and I was thirteen. So as you can see we are a little bit old for play days and that is why we thought talking was a lot better than what the adults planned for us to do. The whole friend ship thing we had going was good and I don’t think I can replace it ever. Even though the girls were jealous I was friends with him, I kept my cool. None of the comments they made could make me mad because I knew we were just friends and that’s all we are ever gonna be. This to me is just a taste of what true friends can be and I am glad he was one for me.

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