Facing the Choice

March 19, 2008
By Ashley Brey, Minot, ND

To tremble, one’s entire body pulsing with the expectations of the future. The hopes and dreams, bottled up in the depths of the soul trying to escape, to break free, to be lived. The dreams have an intensity powerful enough to rock the mortal body senseless. Color electrifying, the world around vibrates with life. A sense of power overwhelms, to the point where the brain is incapable of maintaining focus. A feeling of being confounded by the future; expectant of an escape with a friend close to the heart, an embrace sending tingles down the spine, a trip to discover life itself. Then, comes the lowest point ever experienced by the human race, the realization that the friend will never exist, the embrace will never be, and the trip is merely wishful thinking. The dream held in the heart is the most precious gift ever received, but inevitably is realized as just a dream. Without dreams, life itself is meaningless. The weak live life to its completion with this realization, never dreaming, to become nothing in this world, leaving no trace of ever having existed. But, it is from these depths that rise the strongest of them all. Reaching up through the darkness, these individuals take hold of their dreams and they live them. With all the passion of life, living them as they were meant to be lived. The courage and strength shown in such a feat is the stuff of legends. For they have made there place in this world, and so the world will forever remember. The question is, when faced with this choice, that inevitably will determine your future, what will you do?

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