Hat of Authority

May 2, 2011
By Zachary Sanders BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Zachary Sanders BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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As a young man, Mr. Stevens knew he wasn’t the same as most people, and it soon became quite apparent through his unpopularity. He frequently found himself separated from all the fun, even the first grade group readings of Dr. Seuss, all the way to the middle school sleepovers. The kids would pick on him and it really upset him, setting him up for a life of vengeance. It wasn’t until his junior year in high school did he realize his awful grades and failed credits probably won’t get him into college. So he began looking for alternative options for his future, rather than getting an education through college.

His first thought was maybe he could become a chef and enter the culinary world. He took his high school’s Culinary Arts classes and tried to better his skills. Turns out he was just as awful at cooking as he was at making good grades. The fellow culinary students put him down and told him to do something else.

He attempted joining the football team, and becoming successful athlete. After the first month though, his odd body structure and lack of athleticism became apparent. He was last string of everything he tried out for. Not just football though, but basketball, soccer, and even tennis. His option of being an athlete was a flop, along with going to college.

His home life was okay, but his parents were divorced and he lived with his mother. She was a school teacher, and when she came home everyday she would cook dinner and drink wine until she fell asleep, basically leaving Mr. Stevens to himself.

Well he barely graduated high school, with no where to go, jobless and with little opportunity. Looking to change this, and for a position of power, he applied to the Police Academy. The training was easy, and the physical exam was a joke. He became a police officer for the local law enforcement shortly after, beginning as a traffic cop.

Every morning he gets up early, irons his police uniform and spit shines his badge. He puts on his hat of authority and struts out to his personal police motorcycle. On the way to work he’ll hide out by the school zone, and just watch, feeling a tingle when he sees an out of date inspection sticker of someone speeding.

After his school routing, he goes to the local donut shop, and uses his “officer’s discount” to fill up on the sugary pastries.

He feels above normal citizens with his badge and his gun. Breaking traffic laws don’t matter, no one will say anything. Pulling over cars and searching them for little to no reason. He does this everyday. He’s alone, and lives with his elderly mother, but at least he can feel powerful with his career.

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