Cuts vs. Scars

January 22, 2008
By lauren woodley, Fond Du Lac, WI

Cuts are wounds that can be healed, but are forever, reminding you of the past. Your hideous past that you can't push from your mind, repeating itself over and over again, making you go crazy with annoyance, flooding you with memory after memory of you pain and suffering. Bleeding you own blood and gritting your teeth in pain, trying not to cry in pain and agony, pain surging through your body. But you take it, because you know you've been through worst thing then this...what's a little more pain to you right? You've been through more then enough, what's a little more? As you begin to cut, blood starts to soak through your skin more and more. Are you happy? Are you happy you're doing this? No. But you keep going because you know you must be hurt physically to equal how much you hurt emotionally. All this creates scars that will forever remind you of the pain and hurt. That's the difference between cuts and scars....and i will forever remember.

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