The Office v. 30 Rock

April 20, 2011
By Ryan Mehlin BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
Ryan Mehlin BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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The Office and 30 Rock have both been on television for many years. Throughout all of the seasons, the shows continue to get funnier and funnier with every new episode. However, it is certain that the Office is better than 30 Rock. This is because of the amount of advertising the show gets, the audience the show has, and how popular the show is.

Advertisement plays a big part in success to a show or movie. So, to have commercials for a show on many different channels helps out a great deal to get a big audience to watch new episodes. The Office is aired on NBC every Thursday night. So all week long, the show is being advertised on NBC. Also, reruns of the show are shown on TBS and FOX and those channels advertise episodes that are both new and old. The Office also has one of the highest product placements on television. When an episode where the Office characters played a Call of Duty game and when the whole office fought over an iPod that Michael (boss of the Office) had put in for a game of Yankee Swap. 30 Rock is advertised on NBC all week long because a new episode airs every Thursday night just like the Office. Other than that channel, there is not much other advertising for the show. 30 Rock also has one of the lowest product placements, which is not very good.

Audience is always a key part to a show. It helps with keeping a show on the air and making it successful, too. The Office has a new episode air every week. For every new episode, the show gets up to 7-9 million viewers. That consistently is what makes a successful show. Also, the Office has one of the highest DVR ratings every year. Many people will miss the show when it airs or will want to watch it again, so they will record the show to watch for another day. 30 Rock airs a new episode every week, too. The show gets 5-7 million viewers every week. This is not the biggest audience on television but it’s good enough to stay on the air.

Lastly, popularity of a television show is a very important piece to have in order to get viewers, money, and advertisement. The Office is popular due to many things including iTunes sales with the Office being downloaded many times by viewers. Also, the Office had its own series on BBC in England, as well as the American version. And for every season, the Office gets a 20 or more episode promised for the season. 30 Rock is popular due to things such as the cast they have that includes Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan. The show does have a well written script, considering the fact that almost all the writers are from Saturday Night Live. Lastly, the show is famous for taking bad jokes and transforming them into funny jokes.

All in all, the Office is obviously a much better show than 30 Rock. They are both funny shows that are very popular on TV but the Office is better for certain reasons such as that the Office is constantly advertised, the show gets a great audience for every new episode that airs on television, and the show is overall more popular.

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