He Will Never be Forgotten

April 19, 2011
By Mikaela_Ivey SILVER, Webster City, Iowa
Mikaela_Ivey SILVER, Webster City, Iowa
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I was sitting in the big blue chair, all comfy with my dog when the phone went off. My mother was in the shower and I didn’t really want to miss the ending of the season show I was watching.
I muted the T.V and waited to see if they would leave a message. I was listening to the voice as it was playing, and I was devastated.

I had heard the anguish in my sister’s voice. I knew then at the moment something was wrong. I got a strong cold chill that something horrible had happened. I ran to the phone frantically, because I had consternation. I tried to listen but her crying voice just made it worse. Then I heard the words: grandma’s house and Uncle Clyde. I thought for sure it was both of them.

I screamed through the wooden door to my mother’s room. I had told her she needed to answer me, because something was wrong at Grandma’s and that I thought both of them had passed. I was bawling copiously. As I stood there, feeling so much sadness and touching her door, I wanted to fall. She had finally come out. When I saw the look on her face, it was a mess.

My mother got on the phone with my sister. With my crying and my sister’s anguish she couldn’t really hear. She got off the phone and hurried to get ready. I was told we were going over there, and to tell my step-dad what happened. He was to go over to their house and check. My mother and I had thought it was both my uncle and grandmother.

We had arrived there ten minutes later. My sister had told me that Uncle Clyde had passed away. He had stopped breathing. She had told me how my grandma hadn’t seen him all morning, and he usually comes up for breakfast. She had told Mandy (my sister) to go check on him. When she went down she thought he was sleeping, and tried to wake him. He wouldn’t wake, so she felt his heart. Nothing was beating.
We all sat in the living room planning things. It was the last thing anyone had on their mind. I was sitting there in frozen mode. Many things were passing through my mind. I knew I would never forget my favorite uncle. The funny uncle, the best one ever, and the one who cared for me the most.

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