drunk driving

January 18, 2008
By chelsea frigen, Galloway, NJ

drunk driving, we hear about it everyday and everyday
someone new is effected by it, why? why don't we
listen? why don't we just say no? could it be that we are pressured by our peers? or that we make dumb decisions? you might not think it could happen to us, but it can! when someone close to you deceases, being of the same age, it makes you think more about life, about the important little things in life we learn to take for granted! tomorrow isn't promised, nor should it be, God makes us live life in the moment, so every moment should be cherished to suceed in God's goal for us. For my cousin evan who just passed a month ago, i would just like to say, drive safe, drive sober, and drive careful. because you never know when that day could come where driving under the influence could effect the rest of your life forever.

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