Leaves falling

January 18, 2008
Leaves falling, wind carrying, never knowing where one will land. Hands clasping, breath grasping, holding on to what is real. Feels empty and shallow, never hallow always full. Full of lies and secrets that cant be told. Full of broken bones that have no shame, scars that are known for there fame. Simple as it may be, a touch, a kiss, a harmless whisper of sweet nothings, it always seems to be your everything. A pool filled with regret, memories that are too painful to remember. Hurt that will always linger in the shadow of your past. Old is what you wish for, something borrowed, something blue, anything to get you away from here, from now, from the fear that consumes you. With one last glance at the depths of your past, you jump, free fall, let go, and pray, and let a smile come across your face. You know everything will come into place. Leaves falling, wind carrying, never knowing where one will land, grasping at the only breath you have left, you speak the words, as if they were always there, only hidden beneath the truth, words that set you free, words that let you see who you were, and who you finally can be.

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