Charlotte’s Web

April 21, 2008
When I was a baby, I lived with my grandfather. The very first movie he ever bought me was Charlotte’s Web. He placed it in the VCR and I would watch it, my eyes as big as sapphires. Wilber was so cute when he was a runt. Charlotte was such a pretty spider. There wasn’t a single time that I wasn’t singing the songs and speaking the words to that movie. I cried every time I watched that movie because Charlotte died. When the credits started to roll, I’d run to my papa and drag him back to the TV set. “Again, again!”

He’d rewind the tape and I’d watch it again and again; each time with the same expressions. Over and over I watched this video. In fact, the first words I ever learned to read and write were “Some pig.” This story is very close to my heart and I still watch it all the time.

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