The Remembrance of My Mommy

April 18, 2008
My brown hair, blue eyed, five foot tall, but tiny with a gorgeous face of a mommy is my best friend.

I could remember one time when we where at my Nani’s house and my older brother Curtis went into my bedroom and got into my dress up draw, and then he got out my pink skirt and got out my pink hat. Then he put on an old Elvis song and started to dance to the song. It made my mom have the biggest smile on her face. When his pants fell to the floor and then when he fell along with his pants straight to the floor. It made my mom have a huge smile on her face. That I haven’t ever seen that large of a smile ever on her face. When she would be watching something funny by one of her children or something on the TV she would laugh out loud. She has taught me that you can laugh at any thing that might happen to you or to your children.

I could remember that my mom was always there with an open hand for me. She was always there to be the one there for anything or for anyone that needs help every now and again. I could remember all of those nights that it was at the last minute that I had to finish my science fair project, and my mommy was there to lend any kind of a hand to the finishing touches on the project. This has taught me to be there willing to help anyone on anything that they might need help on if they might need help on something.

If I could I would give my mommy an A++++ grade for being the best mother in the whole wide world that is supportive, outgoing, and having a positive attitude mom of the year award. I could remember one time when I got home from school one day I found some packages sitting outside on the front porch. So I went in side and asked my mom “Did you know that there is a package on the front porch?” and she said “NO” “Oh my booklets finally came in!!!!!” and she also said that they where for her to back to work at the hospital again. It has taught to me well now that she will be going back to work there will not be anyone there in the morning to wake me up for school and there will be no one there when we get home from school anymore. I felt like a whimpering puppy crying for attention by someone that they love or love to be with all the time or even to cuddle up with.

I remember one day when I was stuck on a word in my book that I was reading and that I could not even say. Then I was able to finally say that most difficult word that was in my book that I was reading. She was so smart that she could treat any kind of cold, allergy symptoms that you might have. She was so smart because all of those years of being a nurse and all of those long hours of going to nursing classes. This has taught me to do my very best in school and to try my best at what ever I won’t to do or wont to be in my life time of the future.

My mommy was a hard working mother. She would make me think of her as a Puma. Fearless, brave, and strong and carrying. She would fight for what she believed in and what she really cared for. My mom was a the kind of person who would make sure that everything was always picked up and that it was all in it very own spot that it goes into. She would make sure that everything was sitting its very own spot at the right time for the occasion that might be happening right then or might be happening that week. She was a sage. It has taught me to be neat about my things and to be neat about other people’s things as well.

She would take at lease three and a half days off and go and do things for her self and just relax and just do things for her self. And she would not have to worry or have to work so externally hard to make sure that everything was cleaned up or put away where it needs to be and that her children were fine at home and safe.

I would like to think you all for taking your time out to look at my piece of writing. I hope that you will always remember my best friend my mommy, and that you will get an idea of what my mom was like when she was once here.

Thank You!

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