My Nana Is My Real Teacher

April 18, 2008
She quickly glues her ornaments together with her glasses almost falling off her face. She looks at me with those oceans like blue eyes and smiles, because I made a mess with her hot glue gun. Pulling all the glue off me I smile and that’s how I know she will always be there for me when I need help; this is my Nana!

My Nana teaches me everything that her mom taught her and much more.
Nana taught me how to mow, sew, paint, build bird houses, and most of all how to take care of nature and family in need. I love hanging out with my Nana she helped me build my first bird house and she taught me how to sew quilts and blankets, but I wish I could sew quilts as good as she does. Because she makes the most beautiful quilts in the world and she makes all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren one when they are born. This is special to me because as you grow old and after someone passes away you have a memory of them with you.

My Nana helps me when I need it because when my mom is at work or out of town she takes care of my two brothers, my sister, and me. If I mess up when I am mowing the grass she gets irritated and tells me to get off of it and points it out and then she fixes what I messed up. She helped me make a big fish pond by our deck and we have one coy and for gold-fish. She puts the chemicals in it because I am really clumsy and I would spill it every where. My Nana got me a new dog a year after we moved here from Spencer county, she got me a Palmeranian-Snouzer he was so cute, but now he really fat and his name is Spanky. We got him for free from my neighbors because they used to live in Spencer County too, and we were good friends. Spanky is drawn to my Nana more than me or anyone else; he likes to fall asleep by her on the couch all the time. My Nana is a big kid. When it snows we all go out on the hill beside our house; we snowboard, boogie board, build igloos, and have outrageous snow ball fights it’s a lot of fun. It’s nice because some grandmas can’t go down hills on snowboards without dislocating their hip but my nana can.

My Nana loves me a lot she is like my dad because I don’t have one.
My dad left my mom when I was two and I have not seen him since, I don’t really care about him anyway because I like my life how it is with my Nana as my dad. This has taught me two be strong and don’t worry about it because she is always going too be their for me. My Nana and I play a lot of games like 10,000 and UNO, it is really fun we giggle all the time we giggle all time because she is real funny. My Nana has a lot of time to spend with us since she has retired so it’s really special to have her their all the times that we need her.

My Nana is the most important person in my life besides my Mom, and this is to show her how much I care about her even though I sometimes don’t show it, but………♥“I LOVEYOU NANA”♥

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