April 18, 2008
By kayla hartman, Mt.washington, KY

Have you ever felt the joy when you have a niece or a nephew? Well I have four times now. I am an aunt of four; Blair who is two, Elijah who is one, Dalton who is about five months. I have a new nephew and he is about two weeks old, his name is Braden.

Braden was four months premature. He was a real surprise to the family because we never saw him coming so soon. We knew he was going to be premature but not like this. My sister Brandy is Braden’s mom and she was really shocked. The hospital had to do emergency C. section. This is my sisters second baby, Elijah was her first.
Elijah was premature but only four weeks early and he was sixteen inches, six pounds and nine ounces when he was born. He was pretty little for a baby that’s was just born.
Elijah has changed my life in many ways. For one, he is really funny and brings life to my whole family. He is just learning how to walk and he gets into everything. When people play with him for a minute, let go and zoom, down the hall he goes. It’s funny because he tries to run and falls flat on his face, gets back up and then he just laughs it off.
Another reason he has changed my life is he is really hard work. From diapers, to baths, to trying to get him to go to sleep, to feeding and sometimes Elijah just cries to be crying and it’s really annoying. But I guess all babies are like that. This has taught me a lot of responsibility.
He gives out kisses to everybody. My sister always says that he is going to be a ladies man when he gets older. I think it’s adorable when he is in his little suits and the way he gives out kisses he actually puckers up. I love it when he gives me kisses but not when he slobbers all over me.

Elijah is the cutest thing I have ever seen, the way he laughs and smiles all the time is so adorable. He always crinkles up his nose when he smiles and when he dances all he does is walk in place while bobbing his head. He is so off beat too! It can be the slowest song ever and he dances like it’s the fastest. It just so cute when he tries to sing with it too.

It is amazing how fast he has grown since he has been born. He used to be so little that preemie clothes would fall off of him, and now he is a really big boy. Every time I look at him I think of when he was first born and of how little he was.

Elijah loves wearing sun glasses, he just thinks he is the cutest think around when he wears them. Who ever said that babies can’t have friends because Elijah’s got plenty? Sometimes we dress him up just to make him look funny. He hates wearing clothes, he is just so much happier when he just has a diaper on. When it comes to bed time all he wants to do is stand their and smile until he gets tired.
Elijah has changed my life in so many ways and I am happy he was brought into this world to teach me responsibility.

I love Elijah!

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