How My Sampson changed my life

April 18, 2008
By Jacob Carter, Taylorsville, KY

He’s roaming about, discovering. When he’s finished uncovering everything in the house he grabs his toy. And he goes to a special place by the TV and plays tug-a-war with me. When he chomps down on the toy his big brown lips bulge out like you would never believe. When he starts to pull I can see his big muscles as his arms and legs stretch out pulling on the carpet. Sampson has changed the way I look at things; he keeps me moving in hard times and laughs with me in funny times. Sampson my dog is the savor of my life.

Sampson, my dog, is a collie. He is very bold like his dad. His dad’s name is Luscious. Luscious and my next door neighbor’s dog “Laura” bred to get Sampson. Sampson is a big mix between his dad and his mom. His dad was light and his mom was dark so he is right in the middle, perfect. Sampson’s dad was bold and so was his mom so he came out bold too, perfect. With the color and the strength he got from his parents Sampson turned out to be a perfect dog for our family.

In the first place my family and I got Sampson on my mom’s birthday so he was her special present. It was just getting daylight when my dad went to get him at Mr. Franklin’s house. My dad got home and he let me bring him in. I brought him in and my mom was asleep so I put Sampson on her bed and he started licking my mom’s face. My mom woke up we said happy birthday and Sampson started barking at us because we startled him. He was the greatest present ever.

My whole family was so excited to get him he pretty much went with us every where. We know now that dogs have feelings too so if we go some where that they could go they should be able to go.

A couple of months later he ran away. Mom and I thought we would never find him. It was very hard to sleep that night because I knew that Sampson was out on his own and that there was not anyone beside me to protect me throughout the night. But the next day Mom told me to go out on the four-wheeler to look for him. I was looking and looking and looking then I saw him!! Sampson was on his way to my Uncle Mikes house. So here I go, I know that Sampson has never rode a four-wheeler but we might as well try. I got to him, he looked like he was scared but then I picked him up on to the four-wheeler it was like instinct, he jumped near the handle bars ready to ride. I have always thought only humans should ride four- wheelers. Now I know other animals may have the talent to ride a four-wheeler along with a human.

At this point my 16 year old basset hound “Sadie” died 6 months ago. Sampson was mournful along with me at this time. He was giving a sorry look instead of the happy smile he usually gives out. When my Uncle Mike walks in he usually goes bazaar but he didn’t this time because he knew how everyone felt. He realizes now that he is the elder. I know now that dogs can feel mournful and sad when something depressing happens in their life.

In conclusion my dog Sampson has been with me for three years and he is sad when I am sad. He knows how to smile and ride a four-wheeler. He has feelings and knows how people feel when they are in a bad mood. I know now that dogs have feelings they can be sad or happy. Dogs always should be able to go with you wherever you go as long as it is appropriate. I know Sampson will. Another thing I have realized is that dogs have weird talents like riding a four-wheeler. Sampson is all of this and he is everything I need.

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