Good Old Dad

April 18, 2008
To me my dad will always be the coolest dad ever. I’ve thought that ever since I was a little boy. I still think that today and I believe I’ll be thinking that for the rest of my life. I love my dad so much that words can’t describe it.

In any situation, good or bad, my dad can always find a way to make me laugh and feel happy. Sometimes he doesn’t even have to say anything to make me laugh. He can just make a face and I’ll laugh. But it’s not just me; he makes everyone around him laugh. When I feel bad he seems to always find a way to cheer me up and make me feel good again. I think he’s teaching me to never be sad at all.

No matter what it is, my dad can help me through anything. He helped me through the big divorce that he and my mom had. That was an awful day for me. During that time he gave me a very good friend, himself. After that day of the big divorce, I was living two lives. My dad seriously helped through that situation, I know that for sure. Anyway, there’s more that he helps me with. He helps me with homework (if he can understand it). And he also helps me through the deepest, darkest depression and anger (yeah, I can get angry, too). If I’m mad or depressed, he can make things right again. That teaches me to not get mad or depressed, especially over nothing.

My dad is a very good influence on me. He influenced me to be the nicest and greatest person that I could be, just like him. And he also influenced me to do my very best on everything. He influenced religion on me as well. One day he sat down and started telling me Bible stories, especially the story of Joshua and David, and I loved it. So from there I started to get involved with his religion. To me he is the best influence ever. Because I loved the things he influenced.

He is also a very nice person. He’s wonderful to be around. He is always very polite around everyone and knows the right thing to say around them, like at church, holiday parties, and everywhere else we go. Apparently he’s a very friendly person to be around. This has taught me to really mind my manners.

He always says that he’s very proud of me for some reason. I ask him why, but he says that he just is. When he does that it makes me feel so special inside.

My dad may not be famous or have his own television show like Emeril. Sure, he may not be a millionaire or own his own island or a private jet. But from my point of view he’ll always be the coolest dad ever.

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