I'm Driving the Tractor Down the Hill

April 18, 2008
By Jacob Carter, Taylorsville, KY

I’m driving the tractor down the hill,
The tractor chugging in my ears.
BANG, I hit a fence post that is out of sight.
The round gearshift slippery as a snake.
The transmission clinking and clanking as I try to put it in gear.
I finally feel the stiff tractor come to a stop as if it were a rock still and quiet.
I was thinking in my mind of Pap the lion roaring in my ear.
When the strong smell of fear of rolling in the pond finally escaped me,
I was a happy camper.
But then the wave of scaredness hit me when I was a rock on the beach shores,
I was afraid what Pap was going to say when I tell him about the incident.
I tried not to tell him but my tense instincts were telling me otherwise.
When I told him he was a bull in a china shop then said that it was o.k.
And that we would fix it later.

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