The Softsnow Fall

April 17, 2008
A girl sat at the edge of a snow covered feildher wolf, Killo, ran in the snow barking happily. The girl didn't notice the shadowey figure whatcing from the tree line. "Come on killo lets head home." The girl called as she stood up her cloak that she always wore brushing the soft snow. "Okay Mia." The wolf barked as it came up using his master ability to his advantage. The wolf and girl waked slowly down the snow ladden path. "Mia!" a puple haired girl called. The shadowey figure had long scince vanished from the path. "Hey angel." mia said as the girl came up to her and Killo. "Hey, Did I see blake a minute ago?" Angel asked her. "No. I haven't seen him." Mia said shaking her haed wolf like. "Well see you later at school."angel said as they came up to Mia's front door. "Bye ang." Mia said as she walked inside. Think about what she would do tommorow as she morped. ' Lifes great.' she thought. As she raced back out into the snow.

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