The Day before the Another Day

April 17, 2008
The day before my friend called me. He said “Let’s go ditch school”. I was “thinking should I or not” Well I was so confuse and said “YES”. That same night we plan everything. The next morning my friend called again and told me to take my other friend with me. I saw my friend I told her “Come they are waiting for us”. She was O.K. and we left school.

We were thinking where we were going to go. And I “said lets go to my house” and they said “YEAH”. We went in my room. It was 6 of us in my room. We just could not be quiet so one my aunt heard us and called my other aunt. I had my phone with me when I heard it ring. My friend answered the phone it was my aunt. I told them that we need to get out of here. We got out and went to my others friend’s house.

We were there and they are like let’s take one drink. This is in my mind “Is it what I am thinking?” when one of my friends said “YES” it is what you are thinking. I was frozen because I had not taken a drink in a long, time. I was not sure but then it was like “what are you scared? or what”. Well I don’t like people telling me things so I said “YEA”. They were drinking a lot and I was too.

Then we got out of the house the brother of my friend was getting home. We were at the streets when my friend said “OOH NO” We all looked at her. I was like “what’s wrong with you”? “My cousin” she said and then I figured out that we must hide before her cousin found us or we get beat up. We started running when the other friend caught up with us. We told them what was going on with us. They took us to park far from here.

My friend was like “I want to drink more” I was like you are crazy. But they said “so” then they went and bought more to drink. I was like I don’t want to drink no more and they started pressuring to me again. I said “give me that” and I drank again and again and again. It was dark now it was like at least 8:30p.m and it were just 4 now.

We were thinking where we were going to sleep. Then my friend said that at her garage there was a car we could sleep. We went but before we went they went and buy more to drink. Then we went to the car. We were drinking again well I was not anymore they were the only ones. Me and my friend slept in the same place and the other two slept somewhere else.

Next morning we woke up. Then I was “all man we did wrong I am going to get in big trouble and maybe get sent to Mexico”. My friend said lets go inside my house my mom is not here no more she is working I was like “no” but they did not listen to me. Then I went inside with them too. His mom was waiting for us. She called the police. The police come and took me and my other friend. Well I was in the police car I thought “I did wrong what I was thinking”.

After all that it made me change my mind about ditching school. Made me do better at school do all I can do to get good grades. And I’m sure am not going to do the same thing again because I learned a lot about what I did.

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