The Big Mistake

April 15, 2008
By Flor Alejandri, Aurora, CO

It was the night he left after work. Didn’t come back at all, day or a night. The next day he was in jail. I didn’t now about it after I came back from church school. I wanted to scream in his face, “Why did you do it? Why now? Why not later?” but, at the same time I wanted to run up to him and hug him and say, “I miss you! I love you! I want you to come back home!” It was too late for that I couldn’t see him I was underage and I didn’t have an Id. I was so sad and mad at the same time. A lot of questions went through my head. Questions like, “Is he okay? Is he doing okay? Does he need anything? Why can’t I do anything about it? Is he worried? Is he sad?” I realized what was the point of these questions if I didn’t have the answers to any of them who could help me find the answers? I asked my mom and she said
“I can’t help.”
I was so mad at her so I asked my sister and she said,
“I am underage you have to be 18 and over to see him.”
I was even madder, so I asked a really good friend of the family and she said,
“Yes I can help you just tell me were he is at, and I’ll ask him all the questions you want to be answered.”
I said, “Thank you so much I wonder how I could ever repay you with all the favors you do for me and my family.”
A week passed and then he called,
He said, “How are you all doing?”
I said, “We are fine we just want you to come back home.”
He said, “I can’t they are going to send me back to Mexico.”
I was so mad at him for doing what he did and at the immigration judge that didn’t want to leave him here in America. I mean he wasn’t doing anything wrong he just wanted a good job. Well he was doing something wrong, he was in America illegally. (Not the point!)
Days passed and my dad didn’t call at all, so we went to go see how he was doing but we weren’t allowed to go in, we’re too young. AAAAHHH! Why was this happening to us? To my dad? LAWS LAWS LAWS!!! Every city is made up of laws it wouldn’t hurt if they broke one little law.
Finally my dad called he said that the judge told him he needed to collect as many cards as he could that said that people new him and that he was responsible, that he couldn’t leave the country because he needed to take care of his daughters, and that he was a hard worker.
I hope there’s a happy ending to this. This is not over yet there’s a lot more to it.

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