April 14, 2008
By Timothy Thibault, Littelton, CO

When Im feeling sad happy or whatever I can always turn to skating. When I skate it relaxes me Skateboardings been my life since I was eight. When I first started it caught my interest the tricks the flips the airs all of it. It feels good to skate.

I can say for everybody skating takes lots of practice. Also skating takes a big part in your courage and confidence level. Amateurs in skating to pro skaters it all takes skill and courage to get big airs. Tricks to gaps its scary stuff. If you ever want to skate everything you have to do takes commitment. That's all it takes is practice with other skaters and commit to all your tricks. Skateboarding is probably one of the top sports in injury because of all the high airs and big tricks. But, also skating is one of the top sports which means allot of people must like it. Skating is everything to me its all I ever do everyday I’ll skate for maybe two to three hours. I encourage everyone to skateboard at least once in there lifetime see if you like it but when you first start with the basic trick of an Ollie or kick flip or any other you'll most likely hate it but trust me its worth it to skate. In the end skating is what i like to do even if i know I might not be pro but probably will but I love to skate.

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