Number 7 Gones to Heaven

April 12, 2008
By Samantha Fenter, Tulsa, OK

He was Cole. He was a football player and a wonderful boyfriend to Shelby. We all knew him as the joker and at time the troublemaker.
We all called him Cole. He had many friends and everybody knew him. I had one class with him. That class was computers. We had the meanest teacher in the whole school, but yet he made the class fun. I looked forward to going to the class because of him. That was my 6th grade year. 7th grade went by fast. Here came 8th grade. Thats when she started to go out with Shelby. You could tell by the way they just looked at each other that they were madly in love. Here came Valentine's Day and Cole gives Shelby a gorgoues ring. She was over-comed with emotion. It is now the Friday and Cole couldn't stop talking about going to Colorado for his birthday. Even though his birthday wasn't until the week after we got back from Spring Break. He left on Fridat night. We came back to school and all was going to well till Saturday March 11, 2008 at 10:42 p.m. He had been sick with Bronchitis and when he got to Colorado it has gotten worse and turned into Pneumonia. His family rushed back home. They took him to the hospital. When the doctors were giving him breathing treatments his heart stopped 3 times and they could only bring him back twice. We found out the next day. The day of my birthday. At frist I didn't have any emotion, I was still in the state of shock. It didn't hit me until i got to the school foyer in 2nd hour and the whole eighth grade class was crying. I couln't hold it in any longer, so here i am hugging my best friend crying my eyes out. The Friday before Spring Break we had a balloon realeasing cermony, where we releaed 100 balloons with stuff written about Cole on them. That was a hard day. The viewing was Sunday and it didn't seem real. He didn't look the same. The funeral was the next day. The gave his jersy to his parents and the other they buried him in it. They played the song You Raise Me up by Josh Groban. Now everytime I hear that song it brings me to tears. The wierd thing is that it has made a stronger person in many ways. He was number 7 on the football team. He will always be with us but just in spirit. When I feel a cold breeze in the middle of a hot day in know it is Cole telling us that he there, but you just can't see him. I will never forget Steven Troy Cole Watson. The whole 8th grade is still trying to get through this tradedy we call death. I write in remeberance of him. Number 7 had gone to heaven, but will always be in our hearts. We will miss you Cole!!

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