An Average Teacher

April 11, 2008
By Eric Edgecomb, Mariaville, ME

You may ask why but they usually have an answer, maybe they will give you a treat or gift, but they are always there with an open mind. They are Teachers, there to educate, there ready to help, support, and talk.

When you think of teachers do you think of school teachers? Well I use to until I opened my eyes wide enough to see that teachers are everywhere siting next to you on the bus or walking past you on the street. There is one teacher that taught me to live life with out fear of showing my emotions this person is Nicole Pothier.

In sixth grade I was sad, thinking I had no friends and hid behind a wall of happiness and shyness, then she came in melted away that wall and showed me how to express my feelings in writing.

When I hit seventh grade ( still hide behind that wall) she had my class write a prompt about our most treasured things, naturally wanting to hide behind the wall of happiness and shyness, I started on something that I liked but did not treasure. I decided not to continue that piece and started writing about emotions after all, after keeping my emotions bottled up I should know about emotions.

After two paragraphs I focussed in on one feeling one I hadn't felt in a long time, love (not love from your family but love from a peer). I went on and wrote about crushes and how love makes a guy act, but she asked a question that at first worried me but then showed me not to be scared about telling more about my crushes, she asked me to write about who I had a crush on and why. I told her and once I got writing it all came out.

Mrs. Pothier seems to not care what people think of her. I think that if you are one that hides behind the wall, then show the world your real self. Think about it for 30 seconds have you ever faked liking some one? Well don't because trust me it gets you no where in life. If you it was not for Mrs. Pothier I would most likely be lost in a sea of depprsion.

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