What Celebrity Would I meet

April 13, 2011
If I could meet any celebrity, I would choose Derek Jeter. When I was little, I picked him as my favorite player on the Yankees and I liked him since then. I read an autobiography about him, I have it at home, and it talked about how he became a professional baseball player. I think it would be really cool to meet him and talk to him. If I met him, I’d obviously want his autograph, on my glove or just a picture with him. I wouldn’t sell it; I’d keep it, like when Brandon Phillips signed my baseball glove. When I was five or six, since he was my favorite baseball player, I picked my favorite number as two, the number that he wears on his jersey. I think it would be cool to meet some other celebrity like an actor or singer, but I think meeting Derek Jeter would be much better.
I would be really excited to ever meet him, and want to know a lot about being a baseball player. Even if he didn’t sign with the Yankees, I would still like him, and want to meet him. I know that he has a house somewhere in New Jersey, but my dad won’t drive me by it. I don’t even know where it is in New Jersey. I think I’d have a lot to talk about with him. We both have an interest in baseball, and maybe he could give me some tips about baseball. I would ask him a lot of questions, including why he wanted to become a baseball player.
The main reason that I want to meet him is because he is one of my favorite baseball players, and my favorite on the Yankees. I wanted to meet him all my life and if I ever did, it would probably be one of the best days of my life. Even though he’s not getting any better right now as a baseball player and still getting older, I still think he is good enough to keep starting as the Yankee’s shortstop. I hope they have no intentions of replacing him until his contract runs out or he retires. He’s the captain, you can’t replace him. He’s still a good baseball player and will keep helping the team. He might not be so great of a hitter, but when it comes to fielding, he’s one of the best shortstops out there. He’s a great all-around player, and his fielding always makes up for a strikeout or a pop fly.
If I met him, I would talk to him about baseball and ask him questions about being a baseball player. Baseball is one of my favorite sports and I’m sure I can relate to him about it. I would ask him questions about how he feels before a game, or how he interacts with his teammates. I’d want to know how fast some pitches were and who he thinks is the best player in baseball, besides himself of course. I’d ask how being a baseball player has affected his life, and if he is enjoying being one. I would imagine that he would be happy about being a baseball player, though. I would also want to know why he wanted to play for the Yankees, and why he wanted to be a shortstop. He would be overwhelmed with questions!
If I met Derek Jeter, it would be really cool. He is my favorite baseball player and he would be the first celebrity I would want to meet. I picked him because I like baseball a lot and he’s on my favorite baseball team. A lot of people besides me would probably want to meet him, for many other reasons. I would only want to meet him to talk to him about his career and ask him general questions about being a professional baseball player for the Yankees. He’s probably worked really hard to become a baseball player on the Yankees, and I’m sure many people respect him for his great baseball skills. No matter what, I still think that he is still the best shortstop in baseball, and still one of the best players on the Yankees.

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