Ode to despair

April 12, 2011
By Brewhit SILVER, Tamaroa, Illinois
Brewhit SILVER, Tamaroa, Illinois
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Curled up in the fetal position, eyes drooping from unabashedly balling your eyes out you feel warped with despair. Isolation has become your new best friend and loneliness comforts you in the night when your eyes can no longer produce tears. Your thoughts become vague and words turn into nothing but silence. You begin to feel as empty as the dark, desolate room you inhabit. Staring off into the nothingness, you can't even seem to remember days of joy, only sorrow. How did you become this pathetic? How did an empty space become an abyss of hopelessness? Beginning to remember that it's time for school, you paint on your face of "happiness," and pull on a fresh shirt lacking tear stains. Publicly you pretend like nothing is wrong, and privately you die a little more inside everyday.

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