I Love to Bake Cakes

April 10, 2008
By Kat Kohlman, Littleton, CO

I love to bake cakes. I don’t only like to bake them for other people’s birthday’s, but I also like to bake them for fun. When you are first starting to bake a cake, I like to replace the oil with applesauce. It makes the cake taste more moist instead of oily (which is always a good thing.) After the cake is bake, I usually let them cool for about a day to make sure they aren’t warm at all.

I also make my own frosting. I definitely think it tastes better than the store brand. The only thing that sucks about making your own frosting, is that you get to see what the main ingredient is: grease. It’s actually pretty disgusting if you ask me, but since it tastes good in the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter. After you make your first batch of frosting, you have to prepare the cakes. You have to take the cakes out of the pans and also cut the cakes in half. The reason for this, is to put a layer of frosting in the middle and make it taste even better than before!

After you have finished frosting your cake, you need to figure out what kind of design you are going to make and with what kind of frosting on your cake. If you choose to use royal frosting, you can make beautiful flowers or figures. You don’t make them directly on the cake because it needs to harden before being placed on there. If you choose to just use the frosting you made, you can choose from many different kinds of tips for different designs. You can make star designs, wave designs, leaves, and many, many more with a billion different tips. You can make waves around the top and bottom of the cake with one of the star tips.

Now you can mix food coloring into your frosting to make different colors for different kinds of flowers, or just to have more of a variety of colors. You can make these flowers with a tip of your own choice. Once you have finished your flowers, you have finished a very simple, but very pretty cake. (If you want, you could add more designs after this.)

Making cakes is a really fun hobby that I love to do. I would like someday make cakes as my job for a living. I would make myself and others happy. I known I am good at designing cakes and I can go far with this profession. With a little more time and practice, my name will be known throughout the world for my cakes.

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