An Unselfish Love

April 9, 2008
By Alaina Inman, Mexia, TX

Scanning through a brochure of the Hawaiian islands, a tropical paradise may come to mind, a haven of palm trees and grass skirts. Through my eyes, I see the place my love left me for, a painful reminder, a sacrifice.

A job offer in Hawaii? It couldn't be...but he purchased the tickets and he packed his suitcase.

"I'm leaving tomorrow."

My world crashed before my feet like fragile glass, shattering into a million fragments the memories of us. Raw numbness enveloped me. A bitter taste rose in the back of my throat. I felt the hot tears race down my cheeks leaving cold salty stains on my neck. I could barely form the words to tell him "I love you and I'll miss you." I stood there in a sorrowful silence, knowing, not yet accepting, the stinging ice-cold truth.


His car rolled up the driveway. I forced a smile, keeping a necessary composure, as I peered through the window at the dark figure who I called my world.

Click. The car door opened. I turned my head as he carefully walked up the steps of my front porch. Time stood frozen for one brief moment. He stepped forward and wrapped his solemn arms around a vulnerable and frail me. His embrace was assuring and warmth seeped into my chest.

A kiss on my forehead and a step back. That was it. Unknown time would pass before I'd be able to feel his touch again. As he turned his back to leave, a sharp pain stabbed through me, a hollow feeling of loneliness constricting me and letting go, revealing the remains of shriveled hope.

"I'll see you soon." Click. The car door shut. I gazed at the tail lights of his car through the morning mist, tears streaming down my face.

He was on the plane, and I couldn't help but smile through my tears. I realized then that he needed to leave, and I had to let him go. Loving someone means sacrificing. No matter how bad it hurts you, or how much you suffer, love is an unselfish thing.

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