My first accident

April 9, 2008
For the longest time I could remember I was always wanted to drive. When I was a little kid I thought I was the coolest thing. The only people I saw driving when I was young was my mother and father at first and then later came my brother and sister. When my mom and dad drove they always said driving was a privilege and it shouldn’t be abused. My parents couldn’t have stressed that more with my brother and sister.
My brother and sister is eight and seven years older than me, so I have and get to learn from their mistakes. So when my parents finally let them get behind the wheel they were pretty good at first but of course they started to get a little sloppy later on. Since my brother was the oldest he got our old red and white truck first. His first accident was at night coming home after dropping his girlfriend off home. He almost made it home but not even four miles from the house he fell a sleep and ran into a ditch and bent the front frame of the truck. Then after my brother went to college my sister got the red and white truck and her first accident someone from the school parking lot ran in to the right side door of the truck. So you can see where I can learn from their mistakes.
When I came time for me to start driving my parents couldn't stress enough on driving carefully. Like my brother and sister I started off really good, doing everything I was saposed to do. So one day when I was driving I noticed my steering was starting to turn really hard. So when I started to make a right turn my steering just got so hard that I could barley turn the truck and I nicked another truck that was at the end of the turn. Well you see I was driving the same red and white truck that my brother and sister drove, so you can understand the truck was already in bad shape to begin with.
Yes, I had to pay the damages like my brother and sister. Yes, I did learn my lesson, and yes I now know how to check my trucks power steering fluid.

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