Scarred For Life

April 9, 2008
By Chase Phillips, Mexia, TX

My cousin Drew is very gullible and this is one story of many that involve pranks and tricks that I have pulled on him.
It was a clear summer day and Drew and Uncle Mark were in town visiting, making it a perfect day for fishing. We grabbed our rods and reels and headed out the door to go to our pond. As Drew and I sat in the back seat of my Dad’s crew cab pickup truck, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to scare my cousin. All the way to the pond I kept telling my eight year old cousin that hogs were going to eat him. He ignored me at first but my stories of savage wild hogs roaming the countryside finally began make him fear the time when he would have to get out of the safety of the truck and go fishing. I continued the false stories of little boys and girls being eaten by big ferocious hogs with large tusks that can slice through anything. He really began to freak out. My uncle tried to tell Drew that I was lying but then my dad supported my tale by saying that all of my stories were true.
We finally got to the pond after thirty minutes of horror stories of hogs killing people and eating them. Drew refused to get out of the truck. The fishing was great. Uncle Mark got mad at me because Drew was missing out on all the fish and cajoled me to tell Drew that my stories were an embellishment. I tried to convince Drew that hogs don’t even eat meat. He was still reluctant to get out of the truck though. After he saw us catch about ten monster fish, he decided he would get out and join the fun.
About five minutes later we heard an engine and what sounded like a stampede. Our two dogs started barking and this dude on a 4-wheeler came roaring out of the trees going about eighty miles per hour. To our amazement, about a hundred snarling black hogs were hot on his tail. My cousin freaked. Before any of us said a word, he was screaming in the back seat of the truck with all of the doors locked. None of us could get him to unlock the doors. He froze. I started to get scared because my dogs went off to chase the hogs. Luckily, the guy on the 4-wheeler drove off and the hogs chased him.

Now any time that the word hog is mentioned, this story is brought up and we laugh. Drew has outgrown the hog stories now, but deep down I believe that he has a fear for them that will never go away.

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