The Day I Met Him

April 9, 2008
By Natalie Green, Tigard, OR

I wake up a sunny October morning, like any other. Little did I know that that day would most likely change my life forever. I got up, took a shower and managed to scrape together a decent outfit. On the way to school I noticed that the trees were putting on their autumn colors.
Fast-forward to lunch. I had heated up a can of soup at hand, chicken noodle of course. I sat down at a hard and cold seat with ‘The Girls’, a.k.a. the pack of girls that I always at with. I glanced up at the windows it was a gorgeous day. I could almost smell the people mowing their lawns for the last time before the weather got unbearable.
I snapped back to reality, the smell of pizza, burritos, and other lunchtime sustenance rushed back into my nostrils. I got up saying “It’s such a nice day I’m going out side.” ‘The Girls’ mumbled something to the effect of “We’ll be out there shortly.”
I got up and threw away the empty can. As I was walking out of the cafeteria it happened. A gorgeous boy, with curly milk chocolate colored hair that hung in his face, popped up out of nowhere. Before I had time to say ‘hello’ or anything he blurted “You look like you need a hug.” I stood there looking stupid thinking ‘Boys this cute aren’t supposed to hug little freshman like me.’ After a couple of seconds I finally nodded. But just then his friend, with dull brown, messy, & poofy hair, jumped on his back. They hugged me. But the only person I noticed was the curly haired one. I felt as if all the other hugs I been given were lies. This hug seemed to last forever, although I know it only lasted a matter of seconds. His cotton shirt felt soft against my bear arms. His male must replaced the mosh-pit of lunches in my nose. His smell was like a mixture of his deodorant, laundry detergent, and his natural body smell. The whole time the constant drone of the cafeteria continued, although I think that there should’ve been a choir of angels singing “The Hallelujah Chorus”. When he ‘finally’ let go I continue to walk out of the cafeteria. The second I stepped out of the cafeteria the thought hit me, ‘crap I don’t even know his name!’ I debated the thought of going back and asking him what his parents had titled him. But I decided that I would look like a lovesick puppy if I went crawling back to him just to ask him what his name is. Over the next few months I came to know him quite well. His name is Jonny. He is one year older than me, and his favorite hobby is free running. On Jun15, 2007 he asked me to be his and have been for nearly 10 months now.

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