Diverting the Droplets: The American Umbrella

April 19, 2011
America is the umbrella. We are a large umbrella ready to fan out and protect. We are there to help Americans, just like we are there to help other countries.

We are not noticed as much if there isn’t a crisis in the world, just like an umbrella in your closet. Then once something drastic happens somewhere, we are the first to show up for help.

Jumping at the opportunity to help is one of America’s best qualities. I give the citizens of America credit for being generous. Americans, with our sometimes not so good government, are resilient. We are able to be generous without the government regulating it. We donate clothes and supplies and money to countries. In Haiti, we donated about 5.2 billion dollars to help them after their earth.
Sometimes, even, we are the umbrella for other countries during the storm. When the Tsumni hit Indonesia and when the earthquake happened in Haiti, Americans sent money. They flew over and gave aid. The American military went over and helped rebuild schools, businesses and homes. But they couldn’t touch the emotional hardships. And even when millions of Americans donated money to Haiti, the government held on to those funds and refused to distribute them appropriately. Even though we have a cover over them, their feet might still get wet, because we can’t get them through the emotional hardship. They have to have the wet socks until they can get a chance to change them.
We can’t put them in a bubble and take care of all their needs, but we still are there for them. When the problem is gone, we close up and melt away. Like the umbrella going back into the closet of the holder. Umbrellas get tears and get blown in the wind. Sometimes we have to make a problem, like war, to help them relies that we are actually helps.
We entered the Iraq war intending to help the people, to do this we need to start war with the government to over throw them, like when the umbrella gets caught in the wind and flips inside out and you relies how much it sucks without its help and you have to fight with in and fix it to get the full effect of the umbrella coverage. Even though we aren’t there all the time to help, we are always in the back some were just waiting for when you need us. Americans are just waiting to give our all for you, even if it means telling them the truth. (like telling them that’s they need a new government or they won’t succeed).
Everyone has an umbrella; it could be a small kid’s umbrella or a big golf umbrella. Everyone’s umbrella is different, just like America can provide different umbrellas to different counties. We can be there for everyone—as we watch over them. We might be contained within the boundaries of the US when people aren’t in need, but the second they are in need, we are opened up and fan out our greatness. That is why the umbrella of America is so great.

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