The world's a beach

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

America is like a grain of sand on a sandy beach in Florida. It’s just another country amidst this colossal place we call earth. Each grain of sand is different in its own way, but together each individual grain of sand makes up the beach. Each grain of sand is necessary in creating the beach, just as each country is just as important as the rest.
But America is fortunate enough to be set apart from other countries. This doesn’t mean we need to be cocky or arrogant. We are wealthy, powerful and full of opportunity, yes, but this is nothing to boast about. As Americans, we use this power to help other countries and even people within our country. We are charitable. Our sand lends to other countries when they’re in need.

In John Stossel’s, “What makes America great?,” Bono criticizes Americans saying we only “give others the crumbs on our table.” He is suggesting we could give more than we do. Angelina Jolie mentions in the video, confirming Bono’s point, “We give so little that it’s sick.” America can always give more, but it’s also not our job to give others everything we have. It seems as though Bono’s and Jolie’s perspectives in this is that nothing is good enough. They aren’t giving enough credit to everything America has done to assist people inside and outside of America.
In the video, Stossel states America has adopted more orphans than all the other countries combined. We have also sent aid to Haiti and Asia to name a few. This is an enormous amount of children who are being saved from poverty, and billions of dollars being spent on other people. For Jolie and Bono to say we don’t give enough is inaccurate. The reality is, we can’t help everyone in the world. Some Americans have a mentality that everybody needs to be saved and it’s our job to save them. This is unattainable. Not everybody can be saved.
As a country, we do our best to help as many people as possible. We take the countries into our own hands. The sand trickles through our fingers as we grasp the gritty substance. The country eventually falls through our fingertips and their back on their own, until they need us again.
Every individual should be able to feel comfortable in their own country and that’s not always the case. It’s during times like these that America needs to use their power to help any country in any way possible. It’s our job as Americans.
We try our best to dig our hands into the grainy sand and remove the rocks and sticks that make the beach imperfect. It is impossible to remove all the imperfections, but what matters is America is trying. We try our best to use our power, money and opportunity to lend a helping hand and to help create a beautiful beach-a beach that everyone can feel safe, comfortable and can enjoy their time on.

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