Opportunities in America

April 19, 2011
By Curtis Corlett BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Curtis Corlett BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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The opportunities available in America are outstanding. One can start their career, realize it is not what they want to do and go and start their own business within a month.
Having opportunities like this are what make America a nation. An example of this quality of America is my dad and grandpa. They started their own business back in 1980 with no troubles. Did they know how it was going to do? No. Were they going to let it stop them? No. So they created the business Air Associates Inc. which is a HVAC wholesaling company. To this day the business has been successful and continues to sell HVAC products to other companies.
The opportunities that are available help out with everyday tasks as well. For example, my neighbor owns his own company, which deals with installing drywall. Knowing how to install drywall can save you money when it comes to putting an addition onto a house, much like he did last summer.
The opportunities that we have as Americans don’t always have to deal with starting your own business. One can go to college for a certain major, and then realize they would like to go back and change majors. On the topic of college, in today’s day some get lucky and fail out of college but still make it big. For example, Bill Gates started his studies at Harvard and dropped out his junior year to go and start the largest software company in the world.
The opportunities students have starting from school with sports are available as well. Students that are into sports have to chance to take a certain sport to the next level, in college. Sports in high schools are big and play a huge role in today’s day. Many people watch sports whether it is soccer, baseball, football or hockey, everyone watches a game or two at some point in their life. Students that are athletic and take sports further than others in life are great opportunities. Other opportunities that are found inside of schools include class selection. Students can chose the classes they want to take according to what they want to do after high school. Even though every student has to take 4 years of an English course they still have options about what they want to take.

While America has its qualities to be a great nation, there are also criticisms about it. Everyone has the chance to start their own business, but will it succeed? The things people are successful with is a great example to the opportunities in America.

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