America the Lottery Ticket

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Anyone of age can go to a gas station and buy a scratch off lottery ticket. You may not win each time, but you keep going back again and again to have the slightest chance to win one hundred bucks. You keep buying and failing…until one day, you get a winner. America is much like those lottery tickets.

Immigrants come to America from all over the world to start a new life that is better than the one they had before. Many come here to start their own business because it’s nearly impossible to start one in their country. That is the great thing about America: anyone can try to create their own business. But succeeding is another story.
Dinesh D’Souza showed this in “What Makes America Great” with John Stossel when he said, “If you fail in a business here, you can just start a new one. In other countries, you are a failure.” This shows how America is a lottery ticket. If you want to take a big chance, you might buy a twenty dollar scratch off lottery ticket. And if you fail, you can always go right back and buy another one the next day. If you succeed, you will win a lot of money and prosper.
America is always criticized for being too greedy, for only wanting money and to become rich and famous. But it all starts with the lottery ticket and the idea of starting something. These ideas are what America is built on and what America prospers from. If no one started any businesses, or thought of inventions, what would America be like today?

America would not nearly be as powerful as we are today if it weren’t for the inventors, the small business owners, and the people who want to become rich. If there is no compensation for hard work and starting something for yourself, why would anyone want to start something new? The thought of becoming rich isn’t just because you’re greedy, but because you worked hard to get there, and you are keeping America moving, and in some cases, ahead of every other country in the world.
D’Souza said, “The thought of being wealthy is a base for all Americans. It convinces them to think and work hard to reach their goal.”
Even though many don’t reach the goal, it’s the people that scratch off the losing lottery ticket that help America just as much and the people that succeed. The pursuit of the American Dream is what makes America run. People will keep trying and failing, as long as there is a chance they can become rich and successful.
Buying a lottery ticket is risky, yet can be a rewarding thing to do. The same concept lives in America. People have to take risks in order to make it to the top. And it is those risks that have made America as powerful and as prosperous as it is today. America is the lottery ticket that gives anyone the best chance at being successful.

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