How to Spot a Liar

March 30, 2011
By Zira333 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
Zira333 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
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Spotting a liar can be tricky because some are so good at it that it depends on their skills. First of all you need to evaluate the type of liar he or she is. There are 8 categories of liars and for each category there are different ways to spot one.

First, the “mastermind” These liars usually end up as evil villains because they are able to use thair ideas to come up with elaborate plans. Sometime’s they get so caught up in the details of the plan that their story seems unrealistic but most are convinced. An example would be, Situation where Jessica, (the mastermind) was cheating on Tony, (her Boyfriend). Tony would say “ Were you cheating on me Jessica?” Jessica, as a mastermind would probably lie and say, “ Of Course not, I was at 6 Flags with Sarah for a week eating sushi” Then Jessica would probably call Sarah and tell her to tell Tony, if he calls, that they were at six flags together for a week eating sushi. So that when Tony calls to check Sarah would cover for Jessica. And if the mastermind is refused, bribes and threats are almost always part of the plan. What Tony didn’t realize is that Jessica’s story is absurd because sushi is hardly ever present at six flags and beds are almost never available at amusment parks. So if there seem to be glitches in the story, It is the work of a “Mastermind”. Especially if new parts of the story keep coming up.

Then the “Naturals”… They are the most typical and excellent liars. Also know as the Pathological liars. Lies just slip out of their mouth with such discretion that it is almost impossible to spot a Natural. The only way is ask other sources that may know the so called Natural. The only way to tell is from another person who knows the accused person. And from taking the word of that source is most accurate.
“Whites” are next because they are the only liars that we consider almost well even if lying is supposed to be negative. White liars are addicted to telling people the opposite of what they think as words of comfort in a form of a compliment or praise. Such as “Your hair looks nice today” This is a white lie if the liar opposes his or her words but is just saying it for comfort. Meaning the white liar would actually hate the hair. Most people ignore them because they like compliments no matter what they are told.

“Cheaters” are to be mentioned. The most common example is cheating on a test. Cheaters are risk takers because their consequences of lying usually results in some kind of punishment. To catch a cheater inspect their hands right before a test. They may have written notes on their skin to sneak looks at to get an A on a quiz. Cheaters are almost always open about their cheating habits with their peers. So if a friend says, “Can I copy your homework?” He or she is definatley a cheater.
“Failiors” are also on the list. They are extremely easy to spot because they are bad liars who are horrible at saying anything untrue. They are honest people. To check if they are lieing check for signs such as twitching, unnessecary swallowing, randomly touching their ears, and can’t directly meet the eyes of the spotter. They often use full gramtical sentences as if rehearsed. Drama queens are rare but good at faking. They are usually good actors or actresses. This talent gives them an advantage. Making a scene and getting upset when they are accused is what they do cause guilt. Drama queens can only be found out if they are overemotional and overreact to your accusation.
“Avoiders” are obvious when you think about it. They’ll avoid a confrontation by changing the subject or finding an excuse to walk away.
On the other hand “Spies” have to lie. They trained liars for their job.
“Guardians” are usually trustworthy people because they could also be called secret keepers. They must be good liars to cover up a secret or prevent it from spreading. Give them a test to find out whether they are guardians by telling them a fake secret and see if you hear it from someone you haven’t told that person should not be intrusted with knowledge.
As you read this, it may be helpful to decide what type of liar you yourself are. Reading this may help you decide who your true friends really are. Be aware of what you say because liars surround you everyday.

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