A cowgirls hat

March 16, 2011
By longlostlover BRONZE, Bakersfield, California
longlostlover BRONZE, Bakersfield, California
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You will never truly understand whats under a cowgirls hat. Its full of knowledge and understanding, not just of horses, but of men. Because if your truly a cowgirl you can understand the men you work with everyday. A cowgirls hat is always upon her head. You will never once see her hat come off, because if it does its the last straw and u will never hear the end of it. For many cowgirls the most prized possetion is their hat. Many will take their hat with them everywhere they go, even if they r not wearing it. A true cowgirl uses her hat to hide from the sun in the summer and the rain and snow in the winter and spring. Any cowgirl can tell u that their hat is the most useful thing in her waredrobe besides her saddle and rope. A true cowgirl always wears her hat with pride because it truly shapes her into the women she is. Every cowgirl finds pride in her hat, for some its a work of art on their head, for others its just an everyday piece of clothing that completes her waredobe.

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