Love Me or Love Me Not

January 16, 2008
By Mirland Terlonge, Miramar, FL

Love me or love me not, hate me and hate me more. I shall never acquiesce to your to your wishes for my individuality is what causes your scorn. If there is none of me and two people like you, will this world still be diverse, would u still be unique.
would you be merely just another being on this planet. A clone,or a copy.
Do you dislike me because I'm as unpredictable as the wind blows? Do you judge me because I'm far from typical or ordinary? Do you Detest me because I'm beautiful? Maybe you hate me because of my creativity. I'm my latest master piece. either You dig! or You don't! so get over it. Because i'm here for as long as god allows me.

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