My Life Fading Away

January 15, 2008
The clock is ticking backwards
I'm falling forward
Seeing you cry made me feel like saying sorry
stay just please stay I can't just sit here and watch you leave I'd be shattered to pieces nothing left but my burning skin and my lifeless face so many tears, so many emotions uncovered so you could see the real me forgive me for pretending I wasn't showing my emotions another picture taken of me another part of me missing a fake smile, hiding me, my heart, and my true feelings I've painted so many smiles on my face But all of that is behind me now I will show you how I REALLY feel Yes, I feel pain But I will never show you It's too dangerous, You'd hate to see me tearing my face up with taers of acid They'll leak to my heart and tell me it's time to go My pain amd suffering might come to an end I'd become a coward I'd be forced to the dark water that'll meet me in hell

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