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March 25, 2011
By Jonathan Colon BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
Jonathan Colon BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
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In my life, the most important thing has been getting my dog, Luki (lucky). I was not expecting to get a dog. It was a very great surprise. We have gone through a lot together. He is the best companion someone can have. He is great to have around.

In 1998 for Christmas I asked for a toy. On the night of December 24th, 1998, Christmas Eve, my mom brought in a cage. I was wondering what could be in that cage. Then she opened the cage and out came a 1 month and 5 days old puppy. I was very surprised that I actually got a puppy for Christmas.

My new dog was 50% Husky and 50% Boxer. I just learned earlier this year from his previous owner that he was 50% Husky, 25% Boxer and 25% Pit Bull. His old owner still has Luki’s mom who is a beautiful Husky. She does the same motions as my dog does. I was very happy that I got to meet her.
My dog has been going through everything with me since Kindergarten. Every single grade I have been through, he has been there with me. He was there through the tough times like when my grandma and grandpa past away in the same week in 2003 when my grandpa lived in Puerto Rico and my grandma lived here in Connecticut. He was also there through the fun times like when we went to the championship game in the State Cup for soccer. Whenever I was down, I could just go and see him. He always cheers me up.
My dog grew very fast and after 2 years he was as big as he was going to get. He was the cutest little puppy ever. He loves to just sit by us and hang out now that he is older and more laid back but he will always be a very cute dog.
When my dog was younger, he would always love to just run around. We couldn’t let him loose because sometimes he might forget to come back! He loves just to be loose and feel the air as he runs.
There are a couple incidents that he got into. Once in fourth grade, I opened the garage and my dog was loose! He ran through the street as a school bus was coming. Thankfully the school bus came to a halt. He ran to the other side of the street, where we ended up catching him.
In the second incident, my dog got in to a quarrel with the neighbors dog. The neighbor’s dog was known to be a trouble maker. The dog ended up getting sent to their cousins in Virginia.
In the third incident, my dog got loose and ran to Aiken school while we were in class in fifth grade. I was asked to go help my parents catch him, but for some reason I said no. We called animal control to catch him because, sadly, we couldn’t.
I love my dog so much and hopefully he will be with me for years to come.

The author's comments:
My dog has been a huge part of my life and I want people to know what he was about.

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