Japanese Crisis

March 23, 2011
By , Clifton Park, NY
Do you know what has happened since Japan’s March 11th earthquake and tsunami? People in Russia could have felt a small shake from the earthquake’s magnitude of 9.0. Japan also has a nuclear magnitude of 6 over 7(On the International Nuclear & Radiological Event Scale, INES). Many events led to the nuclear crisis.
The Japanese have a nuclear magnitude of 6 (over 7) is because of the earthquake and tsunami causing a hydrogen explosion at a reactor. This explosion wounded 6 workers and released radiation. The INES rating of a 6 is that there was a significant release of radioactive material likely to require implementation of planned countermeasure.
The wake of the earthquake and tsunami caused radiation and Japanese officials to order all people around the nuclear plant to stay indoors. Hundreds of people were affected by this order.
Days later there was a fire at reactor #4, after a two-hour blaze on Tuesday. This released radiation as far as Tokyo, 240 km to the south of the fire. The new fire died after a half-hour and the fire was replaced by white smoke from reactor #3.
These incidents led to a serious accident that led to Japan’s nuclear magnitude of 6 (over 7). And things are getting worse as the days go by. Rescue crews are trying their best to find people.

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