December 27, 2007
By Henry Robertson, Las Vegas, NM

My name is Henry. My story is one of many cliched, normal teen stories. But with some twists. Im 14, 5'8", and a soccer player. Actually, best on my Varsity team. I was born with a smart tongue and a sense of humor. But heres wher it gets interesting. I was also born with a manic depression and anger, causing moments of intense sadness or violence. And, unlike most, I do not fear these moments. In fact, I live for them. My anger keeps me strong and alert, while my depression keeps me secluded and unattached. I am not tainted by thoughts of love or of memeber of the opposite sex. I am different, and in that way, slightly more dominant. On the downside, I have started many rivalries. On the plus side, I dont care. So, Im close to finishing my fourteenth year on this planet. But, as my teen years progress, so do my thoughts advance. Change is a more fitting term. The barrier that has protected me so ell to this point has started to fade. Thoughts of her sneak in through the openings of my mind, spreading like a virus. Slowiy stopping my thoughts and reactions, replaced with her.As my depression lessens, my anger rises. How did this happen? Yet, as I think, I do not worry. A virus may hurt, but it can also be killed. I have already created a glue of solid logic and abstract ideas to fill these rips in my conscience. I have prevented "love" to this point, banishing those thoughts and emotions. I am untainted. Thus I am different.

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