Be Careful What You Wish for

December 20, 2007
By Lindsay Jones, Ayer, MA

Face red and doors slamming, she knew what I was going to say. “Mom, I wish you’d divorce Dad”. That’s what my mom heard me say every time I got in an argument with him. Yes, I was young, but still, little did I know that my so-called “wish” would come true.

Sometimes, when you’re young, what you wished for isn’t exactly what you had hoped for. While thinking about the situation, I get a numb and neutral feeling. It’s not like I don’t care, it just doesn’t have a huge effect on me. I don’t think the divorce really shook me as much as it did my sister, since me and my dad’s relationship isn’t as strong as my sisters. I think it’s that way because he has a better relationship with my older sister, which is mainly because the have much more in common. I would rather spend the day shopping with Mom, rather then on the boat with Dad. That’s just the way things are.

I know I will always see my parents. And I know I’m even lucky for that. With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s going to be hard seeing an empty seat at the dinner table. And it’s going to be weird finding a “new normal”. I know my “wish” didn’t affect their decision, but I just want things to be different.

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